Monday, January 24, 2011

Gareth stumbles in Nicholas' wake, heading for the stairs. Keon watches, his dark eyes brooding. Guunnar hands him another wine, turning to lean against the wall, following the men with his gaze.

"You plan to get das bones for die Seelie?"

Keon nods, once, very slowly.

"Do die Seelie know vat a Dark Lord ist?" At Keon's raised brow, Guunnar grins. "Ja, dumme question. All Fae know of die Assassin Guild. But vill he know your name. Would Keon mean anytink to him?"

Keon raises the glass and swirls its red contents. "I would be surprised if he knew Keon. I would be more surprised if he DID NOT know the name Blackthorn. Lord Blackthorn, Shadow's Hound, Sidhe's Bane...  I have a few names among the Bright Court. Among the Unseelie... We are only called the Dark Lords. Some believe that to utter our names is to call their deaths."

Keon pushes himself away from the doorframe. "Let's get a bite to eat. I think this will be a long night. Shall I have Patti surprise us?"

Guunnar grins and goes to find a table where they can be approached unseen by the demifae. Keon lets Patti know they are staying for a meal and joins him. He laughs as Guunnar starts a running commentary on the attributes of the lovely ladies who frequent the Tavern.

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