Friday, January 7, 2011

Star watches as Pandora goes to speak to Stoney and Alise. How could she not know about the baby? I wonder why no one else can see that, its plain as day in her eyes...

She looks over to Alise's friends, They seem to have lots to talk about, at least that man isnt still looking at me. I bet he is mad that I let her know about the knee....

Then she notices a man sitting at the bar that would glance at her every so often. He is Fae, why is he watching me? , and she edges closer to Rowan.

Then she picked up on a feeling of overwhelming sadness, so intense it brought tears to her eyes. Looking around the bar trying to figure out who it was, she sees a young man sitting at a table with a few friends. He looks to be one of the college crowd and a pretty girl is trying unsuccessfully to get his attention. His eyes are lowered and his hand is rubbing a silver pendant, but Star cant see what it is. She tugs at Rowans sleeve to get her attention, her eyes huge and dark gray with sadness for the young man she doesnt know.

“Whats wrong?” Rowan asks.

Star points to the man, then takes both her hands and runs her fingers from her eyes down her cheeks and makes a sad face. She points back to him and looks at Rowan expectantly.

Rowan sighs, she forgot how sensitive Star was and how apparent it became in a room full of people. “That's Ron. Alise knows him, he is a shifter and you dont have to be scared of him. He lost someone he was very close to and is still grieving. It has been very hard on him.”

Stars eyes turn brown as she looks back at him, wishing there was something she could do to ease his pain but knowing there was probably nothing anyone could do or say.

As she looks back to the dancing she notices the man at the bar looking at her again. She tugs Rowans sleeve, points to her ears and points to Keon.

Rowan pauses knowing that if she confirms for Star that Keon is or was of the fae, Star would probably panic. Instead she leans close to the white blonde head and says, “You know you do not have to worry about anything happening to you here. They are all friends and here for Alise and Stoney. Plus you are with me. You are under my protection and everyone knows it. Now, I want to dance with Traeger. Will it be all right if I ask Raina, the girl with panther, to come and sit with you?”

Star looks to the trio still at the bar talking. She points at Raina and nods her head, moves her hand to point at Nick and shakes her head. Looking at Erik she pauses, but shakes her head again.

Rowan smiles, “Okay, just Raina, not the guys. I'll ask her.” and Rowan waves at Raina getting her attention.

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