Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keon looks over the room, spying Guunnar sitting at a table, food already spread before him.

"Guunnar, that is..." Keon is at a loss for words. He has never seen anyone eat that much food. Guunnar grins, wiping his mustache clean. "I get plenty... You eat, Raina eat, maybe Nikolas... Even Lady Star and her Guardian." He waves a roll at Keon. "Is breakfast, that what you do, break your fasting."

Keon settles in a chair, watching the room. He reaches for a roll, finding a jar of honey among the variety of spreads. breaking off the roll he spreads a bit of honey on it. Popping it in his mouth, Keon closes his eyes in delight.

A demifae alights on the table, looking up. Guunnar offers it a bit of honey soaked bread. The fae flutters to another table, sharing it with the fae gathered there.

Keon laughs. The small fae are whooping it up. Keon hands Gunnar the milk. He pours a small cup, setting it next to the group. Guunnar is suddenly peppered with taps and kisses from the demifae. He stumbles back to their table, dropping into his seat and causing Keon to cough on his next bite.

Keon suddenly stops, watching as Star and Erika decend the stairs. Guunnar suddenly stands, waving them over.

"Miss Star, Erik. Come eat with us!" He grins at Keon. "Erik is gut fighter. He knows moves that are new to even me. He is gut sparring partner." He lifts a stem of grapes, dangling them where Star can see. "Come little Star, I not happy eating without friends."

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