Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As Star and Erik leave the tavern to go to her cabin Star buttons up her new coat against the cold. She looks up to the sky but all she can see are big gray clouds blocking the moon and the stars from view. Halfway through the woods it starts to snow again, big fluffy flakes that swirl around the couple as they walk. When they are nearly to the cabin Wolf and Tiger join them. The phoenix had stayed with Nick, not liking the cold weather as the other two creatures did.

When the cabin comes into view Wolf starts to pull and tug on Stars coat gently with his teeth.

Erik smiles as he watches Star with his animals. “Why dont you open the door and I can build a fire while you play with them for a bit.”

With that strange gesture she uses the door unlocks and Star runs behind a tree, Wolf right behind her. Tiger stays near Erik and he laughs at the expression on the big felines face. “Too dignified now for a run in the woods? I swear you would roll your eyes if you could.”

Erik lets Tiger in with him and he feels his way around finally reaching the single light switch in the kitchen area. I wonder if she would let me fix this place up some. A few more lights at least...

At the same time Erik is fumbling about the cabin for the light switch, Star is running with Wolf, dodging behind trees in their version of hide and seek. Running and laughing she isnt paying any attention to the snow now sticking to the ground and making it slippery. Until her foot catches in the small hole and her other foot slips out from under her.

Star hits the ground hard, knocking the wind out of herself and her ankle twisting painfully. “Oowww...” Wolf approaches her slowly sniffing the ankle, whining and then licking her face. “Its nn..not your fault. I can get up ...” and trying to stand Star falls to the ground near tears from the pain. Wolf nudges her on the side of the twisted ankle and lets Star use his body for support. They slowly make their way back towards the cabin, Star limping painfully and leaning on Wolfs back.

They were close to the cabin when Star fell again, landing soundly on her bottom. “Oh! Wolf, go get Erik, I'll be all right here.” But Wolf wouldnt leave her and somehow knowing that her voice would be too soft for Erik to hear Wolf started to howl.

Stepping out to the porch to get a few more pieces of wood Erik hears the wolf and Tiger races past him into the woods. Erik is right behind, but the tiger is soon out of sight leaving Erik to follow the howls.

It takes only a few minutes to find Star. She is sitting on the ground, Wolf laying protectively over her legs and Tiger is circling.

“What happened?” Erik says as he kneels on the ground next to her.

“I tt...tripped in a hole. I told Wolf to gg..get you but he wouldnt leave me..”

“He did the right thing. I would want him to stay with you until help arrived, not leave you alone.” Erik gently moves her pant leg up revealing some nasty bruises and an ankle that is twice the size it should be. Erik effortlessly scoops Star up off the ground and carries her the rest of the way to the cabin.

Inside the fire is burning in the fireplace and the snow has started to fall in earnest. Erik sits Star down on the couch. She is shivering from the cold and as soon as he takes her coat off and hangs it up, Star tries to stand. She falls back on the couch.

“What do you want sweetheart? Let me do it..”

Star motions that she wants the couch closer to the fire and Erik moves it with her in it, making her laugh, but then it is close enough so that she can feel the warmth.

“We should put some ice on that ankle.” Erik heads for the small kitchen. “You might have to take those jeans off so we can get the ice pack around your ankle.”

As Erik pulls a dishtowel out to wrap the ice in he glances over at Star. She is leaning against the side of the couch pulling her jeans down.

Gods! That has to be the shapeliest ass... no underwear? Gods help me.... How am I going to do this?

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