Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As Star sees Guunnar waving the grapes at her, she starts to giggle softly. Her stomach starts to growl loudly, making Erik smile.

“Do you want to eat before we go back to the cabin? Its not a long walk but it might start snowing again.” Erik is hungry too and the sight of the spread on the table has his stomach growling too.

At Stars nod they join the others at the table. Erik heaps up a large plate for himself and a slightly smaller one for Star. She rolls her eyes when she sees the amount he's set aside for her. She points to the plate, then to her waist. The message is as clear as if it had been spoken. Look at that and then look at me.

Star takes her fork and gives Erik most of what he piled on her plate. Guunnar has set the bunch of grapes down on the table near his hand and smiles at her, determined to catch her grabbing them. Star takes a roll and some honey and pretends not to notice. As he soon as Guunnar looks away, Star grabs the grapes and Guunnar tries to catch her but is left with three grapes in his hand. Star places the bunch on her plate and smiles at him as she puts one in her mouth.

“How does she do that?” Guunnar looks around the table and makes a face at those laughing at him. “How do you move so fast Miss Star?”

He sets a small pile of strawberries in the middle of the table, “All right, now ve count to three...” and before he starts to count he looks down and the berries are on Stars plate. “Vhat?! That is not possible...”

Everyone at the table starts to laugh and after a moment Guunnar does too. “Erik, you better keep an eye on her, ja? You vill have to eat fast...”

Erik stands and says, "This has been a pleasure, but Star and I have a walk ahead of us, and I'd prefer to do it now before the snow gets worse."

As Star stands Guunnar holds his hand out, palm up. Star hesitates and then slowly places her hand in his, briinging a smile to the big mans face. He squeezes her hand lightly, “Gute Nacht...

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