Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keon is talking to some of the demifae. They seem to be the core of his information network, at least among his race. Several shifters have arrived. One in particular caught Guunnar's eyes. She is tall, broad shoulders, high full breasts, and short platinum curls that frame wide cheekbones and startling blue, almond shaped, eyes. While all the others are hanging heavy coats, she shrugs out of a thin sweater coat.

She smiles, laughing at something one of her friends says. He sees her sniff the air and turn. Unabashedly, she stares at Guunnar, openly appraising him. One of her friends comments and she raises an eyebrow. Her gait is a confident stroll as she approaches him.

"I hear you are a Viking. A real Viking."

He grins. "Da. I am Guunnar. You are not... a local girl."

She laughs, shaking her head. "Nope. I like the cold. It's actually a little warm in here."

Guunnar leans close. "The perhaps ve go vere ve bring the varmth?" He offers his arm and she takes it, pressing close. "*Altsa', kun lidt bamsen, lave jer have lyst til leg i den sne?"

Her eyes widen and she laughs. "You know?"

"I guessed. Alaskan?" She nods.

He escorts her to the door, grabbing his light cloak. He wraps it around himself, extending it over her shoulders as they head out the door. The falling snow is beautiful, decorating her pale beauty. Guunnar wipes a few flakes from her hair, laughing. Hand in hand, they head for the nearby park.

They are the only ones not hurrying along the paths. There are scents of others deeper in the trees, but they avoid them, seeking quiet and peace. She scoops up a handful of snow and runs ahead, turning to fire the snowball at the Viking. He laughs retaliating and is soon chasing her through the night.

The girl is fast, at home on the slippery walkways. Guunnar laughs, pouring on more speed and flanking her through the trees. She pauses and inhales, seeking his scent. He is downwind and sneaks up behind her, pulling her close. She tenses for a moment, instinct snapping to attention. His mustache tickles her cheek and she sighs, leaning back into his arms.

Her hands stroke over his hips, reaching back to cup his ass, as she grinds backwards. Her eyes close and small puffs of steam expose her panting breaths. Guunnar growls softly into her neck and she melts. Her knees weaken and Guunnar lifts her, slowly easing them both into the snow. Their hands explore, seeking pleasure points. Moans and sighs mix with the soft susurrus of the blowing snow.

Guunnar finds her fascinating. Her skin is soft, warm to the touch. The curls crowning her mound, soft as silk. His teeth scrape drawing out an aroused growl and a sudden increase of wetness. Her hands grip in his hair, yanking until he follows. She writhes under the feel of his mustache as it tickles, trailing her own scent over her body. Her blue eyes are smoky, smouldering. His lips claim hers, sharing her taste, as his length grinds into her.

"Fuck me."

Guunnar smiles, moving his hips to rub again. He slides his lips along her cheek, whispering in her ear. "Guide me. I vant to feel your hand putting me vere you vant me." She  gasps as he rolls his hips.

Her fingers trail over his hip, across his groin, to wrap around his width. She moans and rubs him along her wet slit, lifting her hips to feel the head of him better. He shifts his hips, capturing her hand between them. She moans, whimpering, sliding her hand away as he plunges deeper. Her long legs slide upwards, wrapping around his waist. Guunnar grunts at the strength and shifts to his knees, the angle lets him watch her breasts bounce, lets his cock shove deeper. Each thrust brings a half pain/half pleasure grunt from her. Guunnar braces his hands in the snow and pistons faster, loving the soft growls of her lust. She shudders, tenses, and reaches for him, nails scraping along his thighs. Guunnar grunts and slams deeper, shoving her over the edge.

Her eyes close as she bucks under him, exploding around him. Guunnar pulls out while she is still bucking and forces her over onto her knees. His hands grips her hips and he shoves deep, pulling her onto his cock. Her channel is tight, still gripping, milking him, and she shoves back hard. She growls, a fierce sound and cums again. Guunnar reaches forward, gripping her breasts and pulling her back. The hair on his chest grazes along her back, tickling, adding sensation on sensation. Her hands reach back, sinking in his hair. The pulls and tugs draw a growl from him and Guunar rocks forward, slamming in again. The rough callouses on his palm scrape her nipples as he roughly kneads the pillowy flesh. One hand slides down her belly, trailing more fire. His fingers delve between her lips and she bucks. Guunnar presses the tight nub of her clit, grinding it. The girl squeaks, yelping, then clamping down around his solid length. Guunnar grunts, burying himself deep as he explodes. Each jet seems to bring more fire, more release. Soon they collapse in the snow. Guunnar eases off her, pulling her against his chest.

They look around, realizing they are on an open path in the park. A couple stands not far away, gawking. His partner raises her head and smiles, waving at the couple.

"Want to join us?"

The couple almost sprints away.

Guunnar laughs, the rumble vibrating from his chest into the young shifter in his arms.

She giggles and snuggles closer.

"Ready for more?"

*So, little bear, do you like to play in the snow?

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