Sunday, January 9, 2011

I follow Alise and Stoney to a table. There are two women there as different as can be. Of course, who am I to talk? I am covered in scales, even though I at least look human again. The fair one, Star, is some type of Fae, what type exactly I don't know.The other I have heard of before. Raina, a fighter, a hunter, Shaman, tough as nails. Be around a few hundred years and you know a lot of the players.

I shake hands with Raina. She has a strong, confident grip. Star's is a gentle touch. Her fingertips slide softly over my calloused palm. She seems fascinated by my scales.

"It is alright. You may touch. I am not Human enough to take offense at your curiosity, nor a Goblin to think you are making a pass at me." She blushes, but Raina laughs aloud. "Raspberry Wine? Only a Fae would send you a treat like this. Keon has made himself known to you I see."

Raina slides the note to me. "Do you understand the Fae? Because this... well, it doesn't make any sense to Star."

I read the note and smile at Star. "Keon is offering you aid. He can feel that something, someone, has hurt you. Blessings from the Dark... He is Keon Blackthorn, Bringer of Justice. Before he was a Rider of Herne, Ke hunted down Fae who abused Court Law. No Fae was above the Law. It is also an offer of a taste of home. But, he does not know from which Court you came."

Star's eyes are puzzled. She glances at Keon, where he sits chatting with some Shifters, a Rider, and A'eule, looking away quickly when he looks her way.

"Rest assured Star. It is not an offer of sexual intentions. If it were that, it would be more...  direct."

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