Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tori flipped open her cell. Ob was being very careful on the stairs, she knew what that meant. She smiles, proud of her nest kin. She can feel the pain, well aware the healing won't be completed in one night. The other end connects and she laughs.

"Well... Sexy Bitch, hunh? Noooo... I'm not one of your shifter groupies. This is Tori." She listens a moment. "Tomorrow night? Sure. I'll sit in for him. E me the playlist, dude." She rattles off her email and laughs. "See you then Wolfman."

Snapping her phone shut, Tori nods to Ike and Monty. "Music is covered for tomorrow night. You two may actually get to spend some time together." She makes kissy lips at the couple.

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