Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chaton... A sheathe makes little difference for me, then again, finding one to fit... His thoughts fade off for a few moments. We will be careful for a bit. You need to heal and the bebes will take much of our time.

He kisses the top of Alise's head, pulling her close as he turns to Erik and Star.
"Would either of you like some tea?"

Setting a kettle over the fire, Stoney finds Alise's favorite tea and brings in a few other bags. He opens his mind to Ob, seeing what went down in the alley. he hears Alise's gasp.

"They are alright, mon amour. Traeger has an injured throat, but Ob is more exhausted than hurt. Nicholas and Raina were there, as well as Silk and the Adhene."

He glances at the look on Star's face. "I am sorry my friends. It seems my brother was attacked, as Silk foresaw." Erik's face becomes grim. Stoney sighs. "It seems one of his Clan was involved, a traitor to his people. He is hurting, but keeping it quiet so he will not upset Pandora." He slides an arm around Alise. "Pandora is headstrong and it seems their daughter will be as well. She is growing fast and would not settle down until Pandora made sure Ob was fine. Good thing she came at the end of the battle and not while the humans were shooting. Ob would have been in a rage if she had been hurt."

He watches as Rowan checks her bag.

"The Romanavich had a choke hold on Traeger. He will need something for the bruising more than a sore throat."

The water was boiling and Stoney removed the kettle. "Tea anyone?"

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