Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alise reassures Rowan that they will be fine. “You deserve a break. Star will be back soon and Stoney is here, and we have your number. You have no idea how much Stoney and I appreciate all you have done for us. I dont know how we can ever re-pay you. I think I would have died if you werent here to help me with the birth, you and maman....”

Rowan smiles, “So, she was here. I know you can see spirits, it must have been comforting to have her here.”

“Yes, it was. And last night Stoney's father came to us. He scares me, even though I dont think he means any harm to me any longer. He just wanted to see Tara and Tomas. He always hated me because I was human and not gargoyle, and he couldnt forgive Stoney for loving me. I wish there was something I could do. I know deep down it must have hurt Stoney terribly to have his father denounce him...”

Taking Alise's hand Rowan says, “Stoney made his choice and from what I can tell he is happy with that choice and has no regrets. We all have to live our own lives. Its unfortunate that his father couldnt accept the way things were, but that was his decision.” Alise nods and Rowan continues, “And we need to talk about something. I know we have a few weeks to think about this, but have you and Stoney discussed using any kind of birth control now that the twins are here?”

Alise shrugs, not sure if she can explain to Rowan why she didnt want to use anything right now. Besides, Rowan wanted to leave and Alise knew she couldnt explain so quickly. “I dont know Rowan, I dont really want to....”

“Its up to you. But this has been a year of ups and downs for you. Your body has been through a lot...just think about it okay? I wont pressure you either way, but as your midwife I just want you to know the options are there. We can talk about it later...”

As Rowan turns from Alise she sees Stoney standing in the doorway. She knows they are 'talking' and even though she cant hear what they are saying she feels like she is eavesdropping.

A sylph opens the door to let Star, Erik and tiger in. Rowan greets them and explains that she is taking a break and will be back in a couple of hours.

Stoney's mind reaches to Alise, Do you feel strong enough for visitors? Erik seems reluctant to leave Star...

It is fine Chiot, I dont mind if Erik wants to stay. I should get up and move around a bit...

And Chaton, you should listen to Rowan, she knows whats best for your health....

Alise nods, I know, but I keep thinking about Sarah and what maman said. Je tamie Remi, can we talk about this later, when we are alone?

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