Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alise and Star exchange glances and Star gets her cell phone out and sends a text. She is sipping on her tea when she gets a response, I am fine, tell Alise to stop worrying. I will see her tomorrow. Please send Rowan for Traeger and I think Ob is hurt but not fessing up to it..

Star hands the phone to Alise so she can see the message and then to Rowan, who nods and hands it back to Star. “I better get going then, sounds like I might be gone longer than I thought.”

“I ccc...can stay, its fine....” and Star picks up Tomas who had started squirming. She lays him carefully on her legs so she can look at him. She kisses the little fingers as he reaches towards her face. Tiger comes close and sniffs the little face, his whiskers tickling Tomas.

“I hope Tomas isnt scared of him, Tiger is even bigger than Panther...” Alise smiles, watching Star play with her son.

“Oh, he isnt afraid. He wants to with Tiger when he is bbb...big enough.”

Alise sends her thoughts to Stoney, Do you think she really knows what Tomas is thinking? How can she do that? Is that what he is really thinking? Mon Dieu, he is going to be a handful if already he cant wait to play with tigers....

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