Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alise wonders if maybe her family was never told what happened to her. She cant imagine her mother not telling Stoney if she had known. But he was right, the past was gone and there was nothing they could do to change it.

The years of pain and separation fade away for both of them when Stoney mentions the babies. Alise returns his love, and with her mind tells him how happy she is and how she cant wait for the babies to come.

“How soon?” Alise starts to giggle, “I would marry you right now if we could arrange it.” Alise lays her head on his shoulder. “All we need to do is talk to Rowan and tell your family and our friends what day we decide on. Oh, and I need to find a dress that covers this bump your bebes are making of my belly. Just pick a day Chiot, and I will be there.”

Stoney smiles and places his large hand over her tummy, “Its not so big.. Are you sure you dont mind having everything so simple? You deserve to have everything just the way you want it.”

Alise whispers, “Remi, je taime. This is exactly how I want it. I never wanted a big fancy ceremony. All I want is you and to be your wife. This sounds perfect to me...”

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