Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pandora gives Ob a gentle kiss after standing up on tiptoes as much as she can... then turns to go behind the bar... "I put the jewels in the safe the night they were created, hang on a minute." Pandora knelt and after doing the combination she stood with a small bag in her hand, dipping inside she extracted a plastic bag with a few separate stones..." This is what Stoney gave me... see ,this is the one I want to make into a necklace for Alise." She held up a lovely amethyst that was just the color of Ali's eyes... "My father can fashion me a beautiful custom mounting, I will leave it to him." Pandora handed Obsidian the bag for Stoney and returned her small cache to the safe.

Giving Patti and Monty a heads up ..she joined Ob as he started toward Stoney and Alise; they sat close together, Stoney's hand on her tummy,and Pandora could not help smiling at their happiness. Ob sensed her thought and stroked her arm as gently as he could with his calloused finger... and she smiled lovingly at him and said " Our love is new and different then theirs,but our feelings are strong,I am happy with where we're at."

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