Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"I take care of you, Mujer, because I..."

Obsidian pauses for a moment, then rises and carefully scoops her into his arms.  He tries very hard not to snag her top on his spikes and scales. His voice is soft as he steps off the edge of the balcony, spreading his wings to glide to the lot below.

"I love you "

It is little more than a whisper, slipping away on the soft sigh of their descent. The sound of sobs reach their ears. It is coming from a group of young men. A moment later, Ob recognizes the boys. The four college guys who aided them. Keeping quiet, Ob watches from the shadows. Moments later, the group troops back into the Tavern.

"There is nothing to do, mi amor, save be yourself. I am stuck as I am for awhile. Let's go in and find those tears for Stoney, mi Bruha."

He holds the door open for her and folds his wings tight, following her inside.

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