Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alise stretched, and glancing at the window noticing a hint of grayness to the night, sunrise cant be far off...I thought we were in front of the fire... and her mind drifts to the love and passion they shared earlier, the look on Stoneys face in the firelight as he explodes into her, the delicious ache between her legs as he licked...

She turns in the bed and snuggles closer to Stoney, his arms wrapping around her protectively. “Je taime, Remi...”

Stoney pulls her closer, burying his face in her hair. Leaning over her on one elbow he kisses her face, teasing her with his tongue. He runs his hand lightly over her belly, intending to wander lower when he is stopped by a couple of gentle thumps against his palm.

Alise watches his smile and the look of wonder that crosses his face.

“What are they doing in there do you think Chaton?” he asks.

Laughing softly Alise tells him “It feels like they are playing leap frog, but I am not sure what they are really doing. Maybe they feel crowded and are stretching a bit.”

Alise cant think anymore when Stoney lets his hand wander. She opens herself for him and loses herself in the sensations. Her last coherent thought was, After so long, I have a family again......

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