Tuesday, January 11, 2011

His arm tightens around Pandora, one hand coming to rest over her belly. Ob can feel himself shaking, trying very hard to come to grips with what Pandora has just said. His breath hitches and Ob swallows hard. His voice is soft, but rough.

"Mi amor... OUR baby?"

He is quiet, very quiet. He stares up at the ceiling, gently stroking her stomach. So many thoughts flash through his mind, worry for Pandora his top emotion. He feels Stoney's touch. Bro. Chill. Pan is not unhappy about it. besides... Stoney gives Ob an elbow. Don't the Romanavich revere children? What would your Pa'pan do, Ob? Not your Sire... your Pa'pan...

Ob bends his head and kisses the top of Pandora's hair.

"Romanavich honor our children. I only hope you won't hate me... Who knows what our little deamon will be able to do...?" Ob pauses for a moment thinking. "This one may be able to sprout fur and claws, set the bedroom on fire, cast spells and curses... Only rest you will get is when it turns to stone...."

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