Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pandora watched Silk talk with the rider and then leave followed by her companion... she appeared on her way somewhere, so she would have no chance to talk with her. She was running out of options... Obsidian would be wanting to go upstairs soon; and she needed to decide if she would break the news tonight or not.

Everyone appeared to be leaving, so she and Ob started for the stairs... he swooped her in his arms at the top and she laughed with joy at his spontaneity. When they got to her room they rapidly shed their clothes and fell on her bed... Ob kissing her breasts and running his hands over her satin skin, she returned his kisses with passion... some extra spark alive in her tonight at the thought she carried his child.

When they were taking a breather she lay snuggled against him, their legs twined... She listened to his heart beat and thought of the child's heart beating in her body. "The wedding was beautiful,wasn't it?"... Ob's "ummhmmm" was barely audible... "Before you know it the babe's will come,and Alise will be so busy. What would you think of playing with little ones?"... Obsidian's breathing appeared more shallow and even; and she knew he must have dozed off for awhile... she lay her head on his shoulder and whispered into the dark room "Our baby is coming ,Ob; I am with child... Rowan told me tonight... I love it already, for it is part of you and me."... She thought she was just voicing her feelings... it was what she planned to tell him when she could look into his eyes to see his thoughts.

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