Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alise smiles, “A grove, that sounds perfect.”

“And its not far from where I live. If it works out, you can get ready at my place if you dont want anyone to see you before the ceremony.” Rowan smiles, “Its been awhile since I have performed a handfasting, this will be fun.”

Raina and Nick return to the tavern. Nick heads to the bar to get drinks for everyone and Raina goes to the booth to check on Alise. “Are you feeling all right now? You sure look a lot better. Jack is finishing up and said to tell you not to worry. Everything is going fine and you are not to come back.”

“I wont go back. I started to feel better as soon as that horrible place was out of sight.” Alise shudders, the memories still close but glad no souls will be trapped there.

Alise was tying up the bag of gems when Ike asks about her “bridal raiment”, the old fashioned term making her giggle. “I have an idea of what I want... nothing white, that is certain..”

Raina pauses, her drink halfway to her mouth, “Why not? I figured we would be seeing you in some fancy white concoction looking like a princess...”

“No, not a white dress.” and Alise makes a face, “I spent all those years as a ghost in a white dress that turned red when my neck bled, so no red either. And besides”, she pats her belly, “the cat is out of the bag. Why wear white?”

Raina laughs, “No one cares about stuff like that anymore. You can wear whatever color you like. But I can see why you dont want a white dress or a red one. I wouldnt either. Maybe you could have the ceremony skyclad, now that would be interesting...”

Puzzled, Alise asks what that means, much to everyone's amusement. Raina and Nick are laughing their heads off, remembering the look on her face when she saw Gunnaar sprawled across Rainas bed. Stoney was trying hard not to laugh, his face red from the effort.

Finally Ike tells her, “Its when everyone is naked...”

“Naked? At a wedding?” Alise slaps at Raina, “You are teasing me again, I know it.”

Raina tries hard to control her laughter, “Have Stoney or Rowan explain it to you later. On second thought, it maybe would not be such a good idea. How can a person keep their minds on a ceremony or anything else with a lot of naked people around you?”

“Raina! Stop!” and Alise starts to laugh at her friend.

Raising her glass Raina says, “A toast..... to Alise and Stoney. Much happiness to you both. Gods know you deserve it.   Salud!

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