Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ike leans across the back of the booth and grins at Alise. She winks at Pandora.

"No band tomorrow night? Alise needs a dress!" She sees Stoney blanche. "Nope.. not asking you along. You caused enough trouble last time."

The college guys look a little confused. so Ike enlightens them. "He tried to go in the changing room and help her."

The boys stiffle their laughs as Stoney glares at Ike. She just grins back. With a wiggle of her hips at Monty, Ike slips over the back of the booth and settles on the bench seat. She blows a kiss at Stoney and turns her attention to Alise. She slips into her lilting native brogue.

"So sister to be... what do ye have in mind fer yer bridal raiment?"

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