Tuesday, January 4, 2011

After the laughter has died down and the toasts, Rowan takes Alises hand and whispers to her, “Lets take the gems to the bar and sort them. No one is sitting there now and we can get the needed ones to Traeger. The rest of these should be locked up until you guys can get a safe to put them in.”

Alise nods and asks Stoney to let her out of the booth. As she stands he kisses the top of her head and she looks up at him, and her mind touches his...You know this isnt important to me, the money. I would marry you if you didnt have a thing.

His thoughts caressing her, Stoney tells her, I know, but I want you to know that I can take care of you. It would be important to our parents if they were here, especially yours...

Alise agrees, It would be. I will be right back. Je taime... and she joins Rowan at the bar.

Patti has brought Rowan a serving tray to put the gems in so they can see the stones without fear of any getting away from them. Alise carefully opens the bag and gently pours them into the tray. The variety and colors are dazzling, making Alise gasp, then grow pensive. “There are so many. It is hard to think of him crying so much over me.”

“He loves you, a lot from what I can tell.” Rowan hugs her, “We better look through these, its getting late.”

They started by sorting the stones into groups according to color. There seemed to be more sapphires and diamonds than the other stones. Rowan wondered why that was or if it was a completely random thing. “I am not sure that I know how to tell if a gem is a good one to use in a setting or not. Maybe we should pick a couple that we think look good and let Traeger decide from there. I am sure he will get the ones he doesnt use back to Pandora to put with the rest in the safe.”

Alise nods and they pick out two sapphires and two amethysts that are a bit larger and clearer in color than the others. Rowan starts to carefully put the rest back in the bag.

Raina comes up behind Alise and wraps her arms around her shoulders. “I am going to bed lítill einn. You should get some sleep too. Its been a long night and the sun will be up before too long.” Raina kisses her cheek, “Love you, talk to you later. Panther is at your place. I'll get her tomorrow night if thats okay.”

“Its fine. I love you too. Merci, Raina, for everything. Tell Nick thank you too.” Alise glances at Stoney who was saying good night to everyone. Raina followed Nick up the stairs and everyone seemed to be headed out. Monty and Patti cleaning up and Ike was waiting for Monty at the bar. Pan and Ob had disappeared already. Stoney joined the women at the bar.

Traeger had just stepped in the back door and Rowan motioned him over. “I can get these to Traeger and have Monty lock the rest up. You really should get Alise home. I have some things to do in the morning, will you be all right with Panther if I dont get there until the afternoon? I think Stoney can handle the compresses and you are only going to need them once or twice more. If you need me at any time just call me, I will come right away.”

“I will be fine. Panther will keep me company while Stoney rests and I will probably sleep until noon anyway, I am so tired.” Alise tries not to yawn but is so tired she cant help it. She stands and gives Ike a hug and they make plans to meet for dress shopping.

“Come Allie, the bebes need rest too. Let me get you home. Merci, Rowan.” and Stoney leads Alise out of the tavern and into the night.

Rowan smiles at Traeger, “Well this was a lot easier than we thought it would be. Look...” and in the bottom of the serving tray is a fine powder and several small chips of stone. “I hope they didnt feel like I was rushing them out but I wanted to get this to you before Alise started asking too many questions.” Traeger smiles and nods. “So you are to pick one of each of these stones, I think I have a spell too.” Rowan removes two small linen bags she had put in her pocket, not knowing when she would have a chance to collect any stone dust from Stoney. She carefully gathers all the powder and chips and places them in one of the bags, the two stones in the other, ties them shut and hands them to Traeger.

Heads together, they discuss the spell and the ceremony long after everyone has left for the night.....

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