Saturday, January 22, 2011

When Rowan arrived at the tavern it seemed like a normal night. The college kids were laughing and enjoying the music, Monty and Patty busy at the bar. She sees Raina and Nick, standing next to the band's usual table. Traeger, Pandora and Ob sitting, sipping on their drinks. As soon as Traeger looked up she could see the discoloration around his neck and had to bite back more than a few swear words.

Sitting next to him and opening her bag she takes a deep breath and says a quick prayer for guidance and patience. Ob is trying to act like nothing is wrong but Rowan can tell he is in pain from the way he is trying to change his facial expressions.

Traeger opens his mouth to try and explain to Rowan what happened but she holds a finger in front of her lips. “Later you can tell me, if you have a voice. I need to think...” And she sets out a couple of small jars, clean soft compresses and a small case, similar in size to a pencil box, containing some light green fuzzy leaves. She has Monty bring hot water for tea and a bowl of water to mix the herbs in. Rowan sets to making the compresses. She adds rosemary and lavender to the water and soaks the cloths in the mixture. She wrings the cloths out and adds a couple of leaves from the small box. At Traeger's questioning look Rowan explains. “They are plantain leaves and will help with the pain and healing.” She gently holds the compress to Traeger's neck and hands him a cup of the hyssop tea. “This should help with any pain you are feeling in your throat. Pandora, can you please hold this compress in place for your father?” She stands and glances at Raina and Nick, “Are either one of you hurt?” Raina shakes her head but then discreetly tilts it towards Ob.

Rowan grabs her bag and tells Ob to follow her. He looks startled and hesitates a moment but decides it is best not to argue with her. Pandora starts to rise and Rowan gently but firmly tells her, “I need you to stay here with your father until I tell you otherwise. I only have two hands and need you to do this. I will tell you everything I can as soon as I am finished.” Pandora opens her mouth to protest and Rowan leans close to her and cuts her off, “I will tie you to the chair if I have to. You know very well Ob will not admit what is wrong if you are present. I cant treat what I dont know, its as simple as that. He doesnt want you to worry or upset the baby. Just stay put for now and I promise I will get back to you.”

Pandora nods, worry plain on her face and Traeger puts an arm around her and whispers, “She knows what she is doing and if she says she will tell you if anything is wrong, you know she will..”

Rowan leads Ob to the room behind the kitchen. Closing the door, she turns to him and asks him to remove his shirt. “Tell me what happened, and how you were injured. And dont lie to me or try to make light of it like you have been doing, I know better.”

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