Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Ob could tell you better about human birth cycles. Half breeds are not... unusual... in his family." Stoney answered absently, his mind listening to her dreams, making sure they are peaceful. He watches the way Alise moves her hand in her sleep. Each movement brings pain, and although he knows it is part of the healing, he doesn't like it.

Stoney looks up at Rowan, eyes sad, "She sleeps peaceful, but her hand hurts.What can we do that won't hurt the bébés?" His eyes are drawn back to Alise and he strokes her hair gently, following along the braid he made earlier. "She will have twins... at least twins. It is inevitable. Multiple births are the norm. I was the odd one out in my family." He sighs, then strokes lightly along her body, avoiding the cloths.

"One good thing is they will be almost completely human as children. It's when they hit their teens that things will change. That is about all I know. I never got close to halfbreeds until Ob came along." He raised her braid to his lips and kissed it gently. "He and my sisters are the only ones I ever got to know. I have avoided my race a long time."

He opened his mind to Ob, letting him know that Alise was better, resting, and was inundated with plans for their reception. He rolled his eyes and muttered.

"She is going to kill me, oh gods, she is going to kill me..."

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