Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pandora was with Chloe and Ike when Tori started talking; and she sent Chloe to get some ice cream from Monty for doing so well listening to mama's lesson. Her face went pale when she heard that the drow witch had seen the children while scrying... so she used her powers to reach beyond the land of faery.

Pandora glanced to Chloe, and to Teri playing in his highchair.... if she knew of Alise and Stoney's children she would soon know of her children too. She hesitated for a moment; she could feel Chloe probing... wondering what was going on, she carefully drew her veil closer round her thoughts.

Tomorrow she would go to Traeger and get his assistance in casting individual protection spells to surround each of the children; but would that be enough... the drow were devious in all things. Pandora was sick with dread. Ob was touching her consciousness; reassuring her... but she could feel the emotion roiling in him.

Her mind mused about putting amulets on the children; then her next thought was of them being ripped off like Tori's necklace... she thought it would be much better to have the magick woven into something different... and her thoughts went to the sea hag and the spell that bound Keon and Cassie together... the children loved her, and she loved them. Perhaps she could contact her and see what she could do to help... a magickal  bit of hair would be better for the children then a bit of jewelry. She laughed for a moment at the image of Tomas seeing a necklace...not on that warrior he'd say.

Pandora looked up at Obsidian; he was deep in thought too....

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