Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obsidian entertained his children till they were exhausted... Teri fell asleep in his lap;and Pandora came round to take him while Ob put a sound-asleep Chloe on his shoulder and they carried them upstairs. The nanny was surprised they were asleep so early, but soon had them in jammies and tucked in.

Ob and Pandora went back downstairs; his arm round her waist as they re-entered the room... passing among the tables to greet the patrons now beginning to fill the tavern. Everyone was playing it low key until Keon and the rest returned from the land of Fae.

Ob was like a caged lion pacing, in his desire to plan something to thwart the Drow witch...waiting for a war council was hard for him; his instinct was to strike at her now. Pandora felt the emotions roiling in his head, and knew he was mingling among the patrons to distract himself... Ike was awake and helping Monty... although she threw a glance Ob's way once in awhile. Pandora mused how lucky they were to have so many people share their lives as family....

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