Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Traeger's date was turning out just as he imagined it... Monty had created a romantic dinner spot downstairs away from prying eyes and they talked on and on, uninhibited because no one else could hear. The food was wonderful and they were having an after dinner drink, Rowan still dabbling with the chocolatey concoction Patti whipped up.

Traeger had opened up about his dead wife, Chloe... and his loneliness, his need to move on... Rowan told much of her past, but not of the man that must have been part of it. Traeger rose from his chair and went around the table to Rowan; looking into her velvet brown eyes, he leaned over and lightly kissed her mouth... whispering... "Chocolate on your mouth, couldn't resist." She returned the kiss... letting him know she was not opposed to his advances. Traeger said to her softly... "I live just next door, and I have yet to have a real visitor, would you like to be my first?"... At her nod he gathered her cloak and putting it about her shoulders he led her up the back stairs to the alley door. "Hope you don't mind going out the back, much more private." and he winked as he took her hand in his and they walked around to his building.

The place was warm and comfortable when he opened the door, incense fragranced the air... and the aura of magic long practiced hung in the room... one such as Rowan would feel instantly at home. Traeger removed her cloak and gathered her in his arms, giving her a kiss with passion... she answered his and he swooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bedchamber. The room was masculine, heavy dark furniture, but clean and neat, just like Traeger. He laid her on the bed and began to undress her... his mouth following everywhere he unbuttoned. Rowan was a passionate woman, it wasn't long before she began seeking his lips herself... her hands caressing his skin, pulling the shirt from him... until at last he lay beside her, their bodies both pressed tight, bare flesh to bare flesh.

Treager caressed her body, his lips seeking her breasts, suckling the rosy tips as his hand caressed her thighs... she opened up to him; and his fingers worked magic and she was soon wet with the moisture of lovemaking. He entered her slowly, they both moaned as he did so, it had been a long time for them both. Traeger had waited a long time for someone to touch his heart, and this night was all about expressing caring and tenderness... He began to move in her, thrusting slowly as she looked into his eyes... the connection was there, and he could not long hold back... He began to thrust faster and she answered his thrusts with her own... an urgency of new passion in them.... He felt her getting close, and he was finding it hard to hold on himself... and she cried out as they came together... damp bodies lay still moments... then he gathered her into his arms, caressing her hair as she lay against him... content in a way she had not known for a long time. They talked awhile in soft whispered tones... and then drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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