Saturday, January 22, 2011

Traeger sips his tea and watches his daughter with Ob... he smiles again at what a perfect combination the two are. His daughter needs a man with more guts than a human possesses.

His thoughts turn to Rowan; how is she.. .surely it is almost time for her to have a little time of her own... he aches to gaze into her warm brown eyes.... to feel her held close... to listen to her lilting voice with all its intelligence... he muses that she is becoming more than a friend and lover... he thinks he is finally moving on, he is falling in love.

Keon salutes him and he raises his cup of tea; glad for its soothing warmth on his sore throat. He dials his cell phone and waits for Rowan to answer... "Hello beautiful; think those babes can do with just Star's attentions for awhile?... I could use some TLC and an herbal remedy for a bruised throat"....

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