Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ob bites back his anger at Pandora for coming out and endangering both herself and the baby. He knows she is a fighter, but this... this is different. This is a trap that could go so very wrong.

Ob holds Pandora, edging her away from where Dominic lies. He pushes her into Traeger's arms and steps between them and his downed kin. Dominic's hand fumbles at the hilt trying to grasp it to pull the blade out. The movements are weak and Ob watches Dominic try to edge closer to Pandora.

He is muttering something barely audible, but Ob can make out the words. He is glad Pandora does not have the hearing of his people.

"Slut... deamon's bitch... whore of a witchling... I'll kill you and his whelp..."

The words are weak, punctuated with gasps and moans as the silver burns through his wereblood. The Adhene joins them. His face is grim, professional, and the words he says strike deep. The formal charges bring out old sorrows, a burning anger, and a satisfaction. Ob bows his head, tears gathering behind closed eyelids as the Adhene finishes.

His wings glow, spreading a bright light over the alley save two spots, where Nicholas and Raina stand, and the Dark Path from where Silk watches. As the Adhene disappears, the shadows fade into nothing but shadows. Keon ushers everyone out of the alley. Ob turns back just in time to see two men emerge and slide the bodies onto gurneys, They slide the gurneys into an old ambulance and it disappears into the night.

"Keon... the blood..."

Keon smiles at Ob, telling him it will be gone, no human will know of the battles and only the non-human will know something happened in that alley. As soon as they are inside, Keon orders hot tea and lemon for Traeger and stiff drinks for everyone, except Pandora - for her hot tea also.

Miko flits before Ob telling him he tried. "Pandora, she would not listen.

Headstrong, that one, your woman. I tell her Obsidian... he is warrior, she would be distraction, si! And still, she brush Miko aside..."

Ob smiles at the small warrior and orders a thimble of Tequila for Miko and his brothers to be sent up to Pandora's rooms.

"Miko... thank you. Mi Bruha... she is..." Ob tries to look sternly at Pandora, but is more glad to have his woman and baby safe. "She is mi Mujer." he shrugs and Miko laughs. As the whiskey is taken upstairs, Miko flits ahead to keep his brothers from attacking the bearer.

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