Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tori's mind hits Stoney's Bro! Monty was right, something is wrong. In the last six months five toddlers have been taken. When I hit the Other websites, I find posts about a rash of stillborns... I need to talk to Monty a few minutes before I give you my theory.

Ike and Monty join her at her laptop, effectively hiding her screen. Ike laughs at something Tori says, and Monty hugs her close. Tori nods and closes the laptop. She grabs a glass of beer and heads to the others, hiding her concern in laughter.

She plops down, a leg swinging over the arm of her chair. "Ok... Monty says that it is odd to have so many stillborns with today's birthing knowledge. Also, the toddlers... there is no forensic evidence. A human, an Other... there would have been something, even the smallest thing would have been found by Our kind. But nothing. It is like they just disappear."

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