Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This tracking turned out to prove the subject as an innocent. Thank the Gods for small favors. The Fallen Angel was watching the night. Traeger was at work in his shop, and the Tavern was hopping. Guunnar said the Fae was back. Well, Keon wanted a beer, her being there was just the foam on a well tapped glass.

The Adhene acknowledges Keon's arrival, then slides back into the shadows. He pushes on the door and is assailed by the noise of people. Ike waves from her perch on the stage, surreptitiously watching as she tunes up her guitar. Guunnar slaps him on the back as he hangs up his cloak, motioning towards the bar. Keon heads toward the stage as Guunnar gets him a drink.

Ike nods toward the spare guitar and Keon smiles, his teeth startling bright in his black flesh. His long braid curls on the floor beneath him as he takes another stool and picks out the notes of an ancient melody. Ike shakes her head, tries one of her own. They go back and forth until they settle on a 14th century ballad. Their fingers dance, the music quieting the crowd.

Ob and Stoney kiss their women, then take their places. Guunnar moves to the table with Keon's beer and settles with Rowan and the girls. Tori locks her laptop and leaves it with Rowan. Their instruments soon add to the guitars, taking it into a more modern jam session. Guunnar leans close to the women, talking below the music.

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