Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morgan watches as the group takes their places, her eyes never stray far from Alise and Pandora. Glancing at Alise, Morgans face wrinkles up in complete disgust. How can anyone allow themselves to look like that? I would kill myself or the brat before I would wander around in public looking like a swollen cow. At least this music is tolerable but what are the chances of it lasting? I am sure it will be back to that caterwauling before too long. Maybe we should leave soon, that healer sitting with the women keeps watching. I dont want the cattle putting two and two and together, thats assuming they know how to add. If that woman at the bar gets any closer I can ask her about her tattoos and see what else she knows about the women here. Or maybe another time, she has been here almost every time I come in.

And why are any of Herne's riders here? Looking at Keon, her face settles back into its normal expression, That one is fae. I wonder where his allegiance lies now? Not that it matters much...

Morgan drums her long red nails on the tabletop, “One more drink, I think. Then we can go..”

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