Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stoney walks to the cell. One pull rips the door from the hinges and he threw it against the wall. Cement chips shower down from the force of the collision. He leans forward, bracing his hands on the door frame. The cement crumbles under his stone hands. Images of what Alise endured slip through his mind.

The growls of anger, of hate, ripple louder and louder. Storming across the cell, Stoney grips the chains and tears them from the wall. He trashes the cell, pounding walls, reducing it to rubble. Spirits poke their heads in, watching wide eyed. A few cheer him on, females who whisper of the things done in other cells, a few males telling how they tried to stop them, only to be slaughtered by others who were once their friends.

Alise' thoughts touch his, stroking, calming. "Chiot... Chiot... stop!. Re'mi, you are scaring the bebes! Stop, mon amour. Let's send them on their ways. They understand now, we are here to help them leave." 

Stoney leans his head against the wall, shaking with the effort to control his anger, to hold back the tears. Coming out of the room, he promises the assembled spirits, "No one will hurt you like this again. We promise."

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