Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ob watches as Pandora's eyes open slowly. She wakes with a smile, stretching. He leans close, eyes glued to the sensuous movements. A low rumble vibrates through him and Ob turns quickly away. His body trembles as he searches for control.

"Bruha, I can't come inside with you. I can't get through your glass door. I will wait here until you are showered." He turns his head to look over her body. "and if I came in there now," His ice blue eyes swirled, "I would want to do things that would end up hurting you." He growls softly. "Have I told you how beautiful you are?" He turns his head away. "Go take a shower, mi amor. I wish I could help you... Gods, I wish I could bathe you, soap your plush body..."

With a sigh, he turns and gently caresses her with a fingerpad. "You are all... sticky." He grins, trying hard not to bare his teeth. He traces a line along her thigh. His voice deepens with desire. "Go clean up, Lover. Please..."

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