Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoney strokes gently over her belly. Lowering over her, he presses his lips to her stomach. There is a push, a pressing against his lips, then another. Stoney raises his head, smiling.

"I can't quite hear them yet. I can feel their feeling though." He opens his mind to Alise, knowing she will follow where he leads. Touching lightly on the babies, he lets them feel his warmth mingled with Alise's, and the thoughts of ma'man and pa'pan. There is a stirring, a recognition, then a feeling of peace. He withdraws their minds, letting the little ones lay quiet. His hand strokes her belly gently.

"I love you. I love our bebes." He looks deeply in her eyes, cupping her chin gently. "Promise me. Really promise me, that you will do exactly what Jack and Rowan say tomorrow night. I need to know you are safe if I am to be any good to anyone else. We have no idea what will be waiting at the farm."

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