Monday, January 3, 2011

Ob watches as people slowly begin to leave. There had been so much going on, the night fairly flew by. Keon collects his cloak from Pandora, thanking her for keeping it warm. He winks as he throws it over his shoulders. His companions are waiting for him, already half into the shadows.

With an elegant wave of his dark hand, Keon slides into the shadows. He asks about Guunnar and someone answers upstairs, mentioning the Warrior and vampire. There are a few comments about sexual appetites and laughter which soon turns into the distant baying of Hounds, and they are gone.

Tori comes back from locking up her laptop and takes the arm of someone waiting by the door. Ob touches her thoughts and finds her headed out to a coffee house with him, and maybe his place. Ike is missing. he looks around, then reaches out. he catches a thought of Monty's body under her hands, the feel of his thigh rubbing over her, and Ob quickly withdraws.

"Come fly with me Pandora. Go grab a cloak, coat, whatever, and come with me. I will meet you on your balcony."

He slips out the back door, and spreads his wings. The leathern membranes catch the breeze, filling like sails. He is grateful not to have the body shape of a dragon, unless he shifts like his Romanavich kin. This shape has more manlike abilities, but he will have to be careful when he touches Pandora. Another thought causes his eyes to sparkle as he lands softly on her balcony.

He does have a long tongue now.....

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