Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stoney stretches out on the bed, watching Alise and the babies sleep. He feels Ike's question about their coming to the Tavern and sends back a no. he has no intention of sharing them with anyone else this night. Alise needed her rest and he needed bonding time. Tara stirs and opens her eyes. She stares at him in the dim light and smiles, gurgling, small hands flailing.

Tomas jerks awake as one of her hands smacks him across the nose. he frowns, face scrunching up in preparation of a howl until Stoney strokes a finger along his chin. His eyes pop wide and he stares up at Stoney.

Shhh, mon poppets. Ma'man is still sleeping. You have worn her out.

He strokes lightly along their chins, playing with their little hands until Tara's face turns beet red. In moments there is a horrendous smell. Stoney gags and slips out of bed. He picks up Tara and moves her to the floor. Grabbing a diaper, Stoney sets about trying to change the diaper, realizing he is out of his depth.

Flipping open his cell phone, Stoney calls Rowan. He whispers his dilemma, explaining that Alise is sleeping and he doesn't want to wake her. There is laughter in Rowan's voice and Stoney blushes. He gets a clean diaper on Tara just as Tomas squalls. Hurrying to pick up Tomas, Stoney settles Tara in the nest of pillows. He opens Tomas' soaked diaper, hurrying to slide a clean one in place, only to feel something wet against his chest. Stoney looks down, sighing as the stream peters out. "Tomas..." The baby looks up at him and laughs. Stoney diapers him and settles him with Tara. Using a cloth and baby wipes, Stoney sets about cleaning himself up.

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