Saturday, January 22, 2011

I watch my cousin enter. He looks preoccupied, then startled when he sees me. There is a frown on his face when he looks back at the door. he stops to kiss Pandora, greet his sibs, then joins me.

"How long you been sitting here, cooza?"

I touch his mind with mine, feeling his concern.

"I slept here, Josephito, why?"

A movement of cloth, something loose and flowing? Not while on a Hunt. I look down at my leathers with a sigh. I was missing my skirts. I smile, thinking of Mortuis, waltzing with him, dancing FOR him. Music attracts my attention. Raina and her lover are dancing. There is a passion that permeates the air.  I sip at the overflow, keeping tight rein on my urges. I am hungrier than I expected, so it takes a few moments for me to bring my thoughts back to the Hunt.

I discuss likely scenarios with Ob until Ike lets him know the everything is set up. Ike leans over the bar, flirting with Monty as Tori taps away on her laptop. They only need Stoney to get there and Montenegro can do something they haven't done in ages... Rock the room.

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