Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoney scoops Alise up in his arms and twirls her around, just to make her laugh. He grins at the sound and spreads his wings wide. launching himself upwards, he catches a thermal and spirals up, carrying his precious passengers homewards. He begins to hum. The sound is not truly audible, but with Alise cuddled close, she can here its echo in his chest as well as in her mind.

"Mon Chiot... what is that?" Unsure if he hears her voice, Alise asks again mind to mind.

I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden
. Mon Chaton, do you remember this one? He hums a bit of a song and feels her smiles of pleasure at the memories it invokes. the words echo in his mind.  

I'll be your dream, 
I'll be your wish, 
I'll be your fantasy. 
I'll be your hope, 
I'll be your love, 
be everything that you need. 
I'll love you more with every breath, 
truly madly deeply true...

His gives her his own memory, laying curled against each other lost in the pleasure and love they shared, as he sang the ballad to her.

Those words are still true mon amour. Let's get us home and curled in front of the fire. You need rest and the bebe's too.

The feeling of her waning strength is all he needs to spur him back to the cottage. By the time he lands before the door, Alise is asleep in his arms. She stirs a little as he lays her on the bed.  Her sleepy "no fire?" brings a smile and he builds one, arranging the pillows into a nest on the floor. He gins thinking of the nests his Kin make for birthing as he lifts Alise and settles her against him before the fire. The slow beats of their hearts is all he needs to feel.

His. His family. His Alise. His bebe's. Closing his eyes, Stoney dozes.

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