Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stoney looks up at Rowan and smiles as she picks up Traeger's artwork. He takes Alise' left hand in his and slides the circlet on her finger. Silver vines entwine her finger, gently entwining around an amethyst. The stone shimmers in the moonlight. A drop of wetness falls on her slim hand and Stoney leans forward, kissing away the drop.

"My love for you is an ever growing thing. I gift this ring in tradition of your People, as a symbol of my devotion."

Looking up, Stoney sees a flinch of pain cross Alise' face. He feels the hard kick of the babies. He leans close., slipping past her hand to kiss her belly. He whispers to the twins, barely loud enough to be heard.

"Your ma'man is very beautiful, and we are blessed with you. But this is not your time, so settle down you two."

He looks back up at Alise and rolls his eyes.

There is a twinkle in Rowan's eye as she picks up a similar ring. It is of thicker, heavier vines, without an amethyst. She places it in the palm of Alise' hand, and nods to Stoney.

Traeger's voice is soft, but carries in the clearing. "Both rings are fashioned from the same blend of silver. This ring is crafted to change as its wearer does. Let this ring represent Alise's love for Re'mi."

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