Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stoney lets out a whoop and scoops Alise off her feet. When she protests, he spins around, dancing with her in his arms. "Rowan said you are not to trip." He is suddenly somber.

"You are worried. Why, mon amour? You have Rowan and Star, My Kin, Mortuis, Raina and her pets. You have even charmed a vampire...  and you have me. Nothing will happen to you or our jumeaux."

He kisses her gently as he props her up on the bed. Panther slinks in and rests her head on the mattress. Alise strokes between her ears and the Cat rumbles. Keeping her eyes averted, Alise answers softly.

"I am afraid of HAVING our bebe's, Chiot, There will be so much pain. I have heard terrible things about having babies... I have seen movies."

Stoney touches her mind, picking up images from Damien, Rosemary's Baby, and assorted other films. he rests his forehead against hers, then kisses her, a bare brush of the lips.

You DO know what Mortuis does for a living, mon Alli? He hosts a horror show. those movies... they are made to scare people. Real birth... it is not like that...

There is the threat of tears in her mind. His hands caress her, sliding over her belly in gentle strokes, calming the suddenly agitated twins.

How do you KNOW, Re'mi? You have never given birth.

He grins at her, kissing her nose. "Non, mon Amour. But I have seen it done,and I will be right here" Stoney taps her forehead, "The whole time. Perhaps you should talk to Rowan, tell her your fears. She will tell you the truth, Alli. She is a Child of the Goddess."

Kneeling beside the bed, Stoney talks to her belly. "Mon bebe's... Maman.. she is worried. She loves you so much. We must keep Maman safe, **peu joyaux, as she keeps you both safe."

Kissing her belly, he rises and turns to the clothes press. Stoney dismisses the jeans, the tight shirts. His eyes fall on the chocolate and gold outfit Ike had sent for her. It had been a little big when she first wore it. Now... he smiles at the elastic waist.

Turning to Alise, he holds up the skirt, looking dubiously at the tunic. "What about this?"


**little jewels

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