Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pandora enjoyed her ride,but the massive size of Ob was intimidating... they stopped briefly and Pandora pulled the hood of her robe up and offered a prayer to the Goddess for safe passage home again... Ob sat behind her rumbling with laughter... "Its not funny Obsidian,you are so fast I held on for dear life !"... the rumbling grew louder and she began giggling.

Turning to him she said,"I am truly sorry you are having these problems.. .but you are no longer the daemon... I love you in any of your forms; for inside that flesh dwells a caring and loving man... you would do anything for your family and dear friends, and you live by the ethics you were taught as a child... there is no evil in you,for you are strong enough of character to defeat the thoughts before they can grip you."

She walked to him and leaned against his great shoulder, the scales of this new form were slick and shiny and she had no fear of harm... so she clung to him and he lowered his head; Pandora gazed into his eyes... they were again his same color she had grown to know and love, and she began to lay kisses across the great snout ... "You will always be my love."

Pandora gazed at him and said "Can you feel sensation with these new scales?... I hope so." She stepped back and drew her robe and nightie off... returning to him she once again  pressed herself against him, feeling a great shudder pass over his body... "I want to ride back naked, Obsidian", she gathered her clothing and twisted them into a bundle she could tie round her waist... and mounting once again she sat upon his neck... feeling the scales brush over her nether lips and thighs, leaning forward to press her breasts against his neck as she grabbed the protrusions that grew out round the base of his head and he took off with a great rush of air as his wings drew up and down. His mighty voice rumbled... "I won't always be like this Bruha, you'll pay for this teasing."....

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