Friday, January 21, 2011

Star is sitting on the ground sorting through some pictures when Erik and Raina come out of the cabin. Wolf has been sitting next to her, patiently waiting for her to finish so they can run.

Erik looks upset and Raina looks almost ill, so Star decides the pictures should wait. She stands and brushes the dirt and leaves off her jeans and sets the portfolio inside the door to the cabin. With a wave she locks the door. Hearing Raina say that they need to see the wizard makes Star smile. Thats fine with her. She has been with Rowen to see Mortuis before and she doesnt mind him. He doesnt try to make her talk and he lets her look at all his books.

As they move away from the cabin and towards the path Star grabs Eriks hand and stops him. Her eyes are brown and huge, concerned that he looks so hurt. “I aaam sorry....”

Erik pulls her close, “Dont be sorry. We had to see... I just hope we can figure out who...” and he lets the words trail off, loathe to upset her any more than the entire situation has already. “Come here...” and he tips her head up gently, kisses her on the lips and then her forehead, making her giggle.

Wolf starts to grab Star gently with his teeth, pulling on her shirt, her hand, anything to get her attention.

Raina laughs, “You better run with him a bit or he wont leave you alone. Just dont get too far ahead...” But her words are lost as the girl and the wolf race ahead.

Raina turns to her brother, “You are aware that we are going to have to explain all this to Mortuis. I have no idea if he knows anything at all about what happened to Star. I really doubt if Rowan talked to him about it. It sounded like she took care of Star by herself.”

Nodding, Erik says, “I know. And the last thing I want to do is to make her re-live this twenty times, but I dont know how else to figure out who is responsible. They need to pay for what they have done to her, and I intend to make sure they pay dearly...and painfully...”

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