Friday, January 21, 2011

Seeing the room, even boarded up, makes a red mist rise across my eyes. I wait till Star goes outside, then hurl myself at the dresser, growling. It takes maybe half a dozen hard shoves to move it out of the way so that I can get to the doorway behind it. My back will be aching tonight, but I don't care. Seeing this place makes me want to hurt someone, and I'm not even inside yet.

I make as if to kick my way through the plywood, but Raina stops me. "Whoa there, big fella," she teases. "Star might want to block this off again when you're done. Can't say that I blame her…."

By then I've found a gap where the plywood isn't quite flush - next to the doorknob. I get two fingers beneath it and pull, the nails skreeking. That gives me another two-inch gap to work with, and so by degrees, the plywood comes loose until I can set it aside.

The place smells close and musty and we wait a minute for the smell to subside before we enter.

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