Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The poteen is burning off quickly, but I'm still loopy enough to weave as I head to her table, and my speech is still slurred when I insult her male companion.

"I don't like you." No, it's not subtle, but what drunk is? "You look like a girl. Do you need a date, girly-man?"

He flushes, but makes no move. Perfect.

"Oh," I leer. "Not dating yet? Then would you like a drink?"

And with that, I throw my drink in his face. Of course, I'm drunk and my aim is off, so some hits Miss Thang, too….

He goes red and screams and throws himself on top of me and starts pounding me. Oh yeah, just another night in the life of Jack Stone, Punching Bag to the Elite. High-toned bitch goes stomping off to the ladies' (I presume) while her companion whacks me around - then Nick and Raina pull us apart. They sponge him down and clean up his table with bar napkins while Jeb "escorts" me back to my booth.

Mission accomplished. Yay, me!

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