Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pandora slid through the door and went to the shower... giving Ob a backward glance as she did, sensing he was serious about his request for her to scrub the night's lovemaking away. Apparently in this dragon guise he was triggered by things that made him feel out of control,and she wanted to make this as easy on him as she could.

She soaped up thinking of the night before...the way he had invaded her mind with thoughts and images that were as real as his touch could be...and then she remembered the things he did with his tongue and how erotic and sensual they were...she had found herself cumming before she was aware how close to the edge she was.

Pandora dried herself and watched Ob pacing on the terrace, he was so out of touch with his normal routine... she dressed in jeans and a soft clingy knit top and slipping on her moccasins she rejoined him. She sat on a chair brushing through her hair... untangling the knots from the flight the night before... she had fallen asleep in Obsidian's arms and didn't even realize he had tucked her in until she awoke with him beside her in the evening on the terrace. Smiling up into the harsh dragon like countenance she said... "Obsidian, you take such good care of me, what can I do to make you more comfortable tonight, my love?"

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