Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keeping a close eye on Alise, Rowan thinks she is looking too worn and too pale to continue this much longer. She calls to Jack and asks how much longer and looks pointedly at Alise. She notices that Jack is looking the worse for wear himself. Apparently this job was not as easy as it looked to an outsider.

“That depends on the ghosts. As long as they keep coming and want to be sent on, I have to do my job." Jack glances Alise's direction. "But it's not hers. Take her home, if you can get her to go."

Alise gets even paler and starts to lean. Rowan, afraid that she is going to pass out calls to Stoney. He stops at the circle, wanting to go to Alise but not sure if he should enter the circle or not.

“We have to get her out of here, now.” Alise starts to protest and Rowan tells her in no uncertain terms that she cannot stay. “Jack will finish, he said he would. And you still have to talk to Ron if he comes to the tavern. Its enough. No one can expect any more from you.”

Rowan quickly grabs her athame and closes the circle, apologizing to the Goddess for her haste, but knowing she would understand.

“Thank you creatures of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Thank you for your protection and attending this circle. Go in peace and know that you are always welcome here, The circle is closed. So mote it be.”

As soon as Rowan nods to Stoney he rushes to Alise and carries her out of the farmhouse, Panther right behind him.

Rowan quickly gathers her things while Raina explains that her and Nick will stay in case Jack needs any help. Rowan nods, “Okay, just call one of us or the tavern when you are finished here. We will come pick you up.”

Raina nods, “Take care of her. Panther wont leave her side until I come.”

“I will” and Rowan hurries after Stoney and Alise....

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