Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pandora made her way downstairs and stopped to thank Patti for sending up the wonderful meal; Monty was busy so she just gave him the smile she knew he'd understand.  Looking around she saw Ob talking with the stand- in band and Ike and Tori...and waved a greeting and blew a kiss to Obsidian.

Surveying the room she decided on the back table the family usually used, no telling who might show up. As she waited for Ob she pondered her daughter and her teachings... she was wondering what Josephito would think about having auntie Silk help her with her shapeshifter skills and teachings about her Rom heritage. She knew Silk could also work with Chloe in learning fighting and survival skills... things she needed knowledge of, but Pandora was ill prepared to teach. Pandora had no illusions that their life would be smooth and unblemished.

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