Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm viewing a movie for the next episode of the show, a truly wretched thing called The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism, starring Christopher Lee. Should you ever have the opportunity to see this movie, I implore you - pass it up. This abomination is allegedly based on The Pit and the Pendulum. Poe must be spinning in his grave like a high-speed lathe.

It's a relief to pause the movie when the computer begins to beep - there's an incoming message. It's the long-awaited reply from Sibyl. about the ring I sent her.

Mortuis -

The man who wore this ring is human, but I sense a connection to beings that are NOT human. I would say that he acts as their agent in this world, doing menial tasks his masters would consider beneath them. His job involves a good deal of travel and he is seldom in one place for very long - a salesman, perhaps, or a trucker? He resents his masters for the things they make him do, but he fears them more.

You can positively identify him by an object that he wears and never takes off - some kind of jewelry, I think...? It is both a mark of their favor and a symbol of his servitude, like a submissive's collar. Whatever it is, it radiates Power that anyone with even a hint of Talent should be able to sense. Even at such a distance - in space and time - I was able to detect residual traces of the Power on the ring, just from proximity to this object.

That is, I think, all that I can tell you, but should I learn more, I will of course pass it on.

Take care, my friend. Saint sends his regards and a request for a visit (and a biscuit) should you come our way.


I reach for my cell and dial the number I have for Erik....

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