Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ob settles in the parking lot after watching Pandora fall asleep. He touches her dreams, coming to her in his human guise. This was the only time he could communicate with her right now, and the only time he had been able to touch her mind in any form. He slides from her dreams and begins to run over the tips the Shifters and Riders had given him.

He sits quiet, thinking of the inner self, the core of himself, looking for what Pandora saw, what he saw daily. Scales ripple, change, sliding from his bulk, joining back with the essence of the world. He rises on two feet, exultant at the change back to gargoyle only to turn to stone, still laughing in his mind, Ob tries to touch Pandora's dreams. Her mind is closed to him again, but that is okay. He knows now that he can deal with his inner Deamon.

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