Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alise had decided to get ready for the ceremony at Rowans cabin. She had offered since it was close to where the ceremony would be and there would be no chance of Stoney seeing her beforehand. This was pretty much the only traditional thing Alise had insisted on for some reason. Rowan smiles, amused that such a little person could be so stubborn.

Pan and Traeger were getting things set up in the clearing and Rowan was ready and going to help Alise if she needed it. She would have to leave soon, but Star, knowing the way, was going to walk her to the circle.

Stepping out of the bedroom Alise asks, “How do I look?”

Rowan looks up, “Wow.... breathtaking I would say.”

Laughing Alise says, “You are still breathing.. but thank you. I hope Stoney likes it...”

Pandora and Ike had helped Alise find her dress. It had taken a bit to explain that she did not want a white dress. Not only did she feel like she shouldnt wear one, she just hated the idea of a colorless dress after having spent all those years as spirit. She had enough of being colorless. Her dress was simple, floor length, just a bit longer in the back. Halter styled, leaving her arms and back bare, gathered slightly under the bust to cover her growing belly. It was a pale shade of blue, just a bit darker than the shawl Raina had given her which she planned to wear if it was cold.

There is a knock at the door and a smiling Star peeks her head in. Rowan motions her in and asks what is in the basket she is carrying. Star pulls off the cloth covering to reveal a pile of fragrant white flowers.

Rowan gasps, “Where did you find them this time of year? Those usually bloom in the spring..”

Star smiles and shrugs, as if to say “I have a secret and I am not telling.” Her eyes are blue and sparkling as she looks over Alise. Then she points to her own hair, the front pulled back into a small braid laying on top of the rest of her hair in the back. She points to Alises hair and back to her own and then to the basket of flowers. Alise is puzzled and Rowan says, “I think she wants to fix your hair like hers and then put flowers in it.”

Alise nods, “Yes, Star that would be perfect.” and she sits down so Star can easily bring her bangs back and braid them.

Okay, I am going to go then” and Rowan moves towards the door. “Star, just bring her when you are finished, it will be time then. I will see you there in a few minutes.”

Finishing the braid, Star adds the flowers to it. Alise breathes deep, “Mmmm, they smell so good. Thank you.”

Star nods and leans close whispering, “You are very pretty.”

Alise gives her a hug, “Not as pretty as you. Should we go? It must be time.” Alise slips her blue shawl under her hair and around her shoulders and is ready.

Star nods and takes Alises hand, leading her from the cottage and through the woods. The sun is going down and the woods are getting dark but Star seems to be able to see beyond the gloom. She brings Alise through the trees and then a few yards in front of them is a clearing, lit up with many candles. Alise pauses, wanting to remember every detail. She hears a rustling at her feet and looks down, expecting to see some little creature scurrying by and there in front of her laying on the fall leaves is a single long stemmed white rose. She bends to pick it up and notices the thin blue ribbons in various shades of blue hanging from the stem.

“Did you put this here?” she asks Star.

Star shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders, then gives Alise's hand a tug.

As they get closer to the circle Alise sees Stoney talking to Ob about something. Rowan is standing off to one side and family and friends to the other side. As soon as Alise steps into the candle light Stoney looks up and smiles, and everyone and everything disappears to Alise. All she sees is Stoney and the look in his eyes...

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