Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morgan was about ready to cover her ears when the band finally stopped playing. I cant believe I am sitting here listening to this incessant screeching. I desperately need some willow tea after that and I dont imagine this dump has any, not that these idiots would know what its for anyway.

She watches as Rowan comes downstairs, followed shortly by Alise and Stoney. So, its not time, I didnt think so. Looks to be soon though. Her belly is pretty big for such a little thing... big baby? Twins? The thought making her smile evilly.... That would be a bonus, two for the price and effort of grabbing one, Morgan laughs out loud at the thought, startling Gareth.

“Oh dont look at me like that. Dont tell me you are going to get a conscience at this point in time. Feel bad about the little maggots? Its not like they are smart enough to know any different anyway. Whats the difference if they stay in this hovel of a realm or are servants in another? Maybe we are actually doing them a favor...Try to look at it that way if it bothers you. Or think of poor dear Conal...do you think more of his welfare or some mindless maggots?”

Morgan continues to watch the table near the back. The two pregnant women always seem to be with the same group of people. I wonder what they were looking at on the computer? Have they figured out anything? I hope not, would make me have to spend even more time in this disgusting hole of a place planning and finding someone to help me. And having to pretend to be nice and liking it here when actually it makes me want to vomit.

She glances over to Raina and Nick. That one moved the pregnant one away from me but doesnt seem to join the group. I wonder if she can be bribed or if she can be tricked into giving me some information?

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